Media Covering the Border

We are interested in migration from A to Z. Borders are often the canary in the coal mine of migratory problems. Migrants often pile up on one side of a border. Stark differences between countries become apparent at borders. If a country has a problem with illegal migration, that problem tends to be visible in the border line region, with increased crime. So you can learn a lot about a country from looking at its borders. But what good is learning unless you have a way to share that information?

Here at Border Line Media, we plan to provide information on the situation on borders. Our primary focus is on the borders of the US, and the Southern Border with Mexico. It is self-evident no matter what your political persuasion that the US/Mexico border tells us a lot about the US and Mexico, and the problems of other countries like those in Central America that send immigrants. When you see immigrants from Haiti and India also entering at the border, you would think that there are stories to tell. And, we are going to tell them.

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